Londo Mollari

On bravery

Londo Mollari

You are quite brave, do you know that?


I’m not brave. I’m just too tired and hungry and angry to care any more.

Londo Mollari:

Perhaps they are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps bravery is simply apathy with delusions of grandeur.


On Being Russian


Stephen Franklin:

It’s all so brief, isn’t it? Typical human lifespan is almost a hundred years, but it’s barely a second compared to what’s out there. It wouldn’t be so bad if life didn’t take so long to figure out. Seems you just start to get it right and then… it’s over.


Susan Ivanova:

Doesn’t matter. If we lived 200 years we’d still be human, we’d still make the same mistakes.


You’re a pessimist.


I’m Russian, doctor. We understand these things.

A Jaguar (or Jagular!)

Piglet and the Jagular

Winnie the Pooh: Look, l-look, Piglet. There’s something in that tree over there.
Piglet: Is it one of the f-f-fiercer animals?
Tigger: Halloo!
Winnie the Pooh: [lifting Piglet] Yes. It’s a “jagular.”
Piglet: W-What do “jagulars” d-do, Pooh?
Winnie the Pooh: [as he drops Piglet] Well, “jagulars” always call, “Halloo!” And when you look up, they drop on you.
Piglet: I’m looking *down*, P-P-Pooh.