BBC Four Brian Cox: Space, Time & Videotape


Just watched this on BBC 4. Sadly it is not yet available on either YouTube or BBC iPlayer. Hopefully it will be soon. Three enthusiastic supporters of science, among the many highlights:

  • Clips from the Apollo 13 incident, and later after the Apollo program was shelved that reminded me how great James Burke was as a presenter. I also learned that he had previously been a lecturer in English.
  • Alice Roberts saying that she found Carl Sagan ‘unbearable’. Not one of my favourites either, I tended to find him, difficult to watch. I am unsure why, even after all this time.
  • The clips of Jacob Bronowski – saying that to him philosopher Georg Hegel was a fool. Illuminating not so much for what it said about Hegel, as for Cox and Roberts’ comments afterwards that they would not now be allowed say this. They would have to give a more balanced and less polemic view. Both complained that the scientific presenter could no longer be a polemicist.
  • Brian Blessed – for his larger than life passion for science. And for shouting ‘Gordon’s Alive!’